This is the third week of the Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hop, and the second one in which Incomplete Passes has participated. In case you’re new here, Boomer Lit is an emerging literary genre that chronicles the baby boomer generation’s transition into the third stage of life. Most boomers are now over fifty, and they’re facing retirement, looking for second careers, and re-examining relationships. Their positive and entertaining stories comprise Boomer Lit–whether they appear in novels, memoirs, self-help books, poetry, or humor.  Nearly two dozen authors have showcased examples of Boomer Lit on their blogs this week.  I hope you’ll comment here, and then click to visit the rest.

My memoir, Incomplete Passes, tells the story of four boomer women who established a fifty-year friendship through their love of the Green Bay Packers.  It’s not really a sports book, so I stayed away from football in last week’s excerpt.  But this week we travel to the environs of Lambeau Field, where strange things can happen on game day.

Pam and I come out of the Days Inn-Lambeau Field at about quarter to eight in the morning.  As is our custom, I’m driving her to Mass before the game.  As I locate my car, I recall that I had a spot of trouble parking it last night.  The lot was almost full.  As I attempted to pull out and re-enter at the far end of the lot, I almost hit a sawhorse that was blocking the exit.  I hadn’t had much to drink and my night vision is still fair, but the sawhorse was painted Packer green and was difficult to see in the dark.  Another sawhorse was sitting in a perfectly good parking spot.  Del and Carla jumped out of the car and moved the obstruction so I could park.  A group of revelers, sitting on the ground in the corner of the lot, were yelling at me, but I ignored them. 

As I approach my car in the morning light, my first impression is that someone is playing a practical joke on me.  A figure is draped over my steering wheel, a small man in a plaid shirt.

Who–or what–is in my car?  And will the Packers win the game?  If you’d like to visit Green Bay with the Incomplete Passes gang, please use the links above to purchase the book, or inquire at your local bookstore.  And be sure to check out the other samples of Boomer Lit at  We’ll have something new for you every week. Thanks for stopping by!



13 thoughts on “BOOMER LIT FRIDAY–MARCH 15

  1. Thanks to all! I wish I could reply to each comment individually, but it’s a busy work day and I have only my smartphone. I will catch up with the other blogs tomorrow.

  2. Again, thanks to all for your comments. I hope at least a few will pick up the book to find out who’s in my car, and the rest. Special thanks to Lynn for the endorsement!

  3. Linda, as I’ve said before, since I’m a big NFL fan, I’ve got to read your book, but this excerpt put a whole new spin on it! Great job of making us want to read more – and I do & WILL! Cheers!

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